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January 4, 2019 by Christos Nikas

Hey Mr. DJ,
A huge welcome and thanx for being here. You are amazing.

Business -simply put- is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.
It does not mean it is a company, a corporation, partnership, or have any such formal organization, but it can range from a street peddler to General Motors.” (Wikipedia)

The moment a mobile DJ starts asking money for his (her) art, he stops being “just a DJ” and becomes a businessperson. He (she) is becoming the owner, marketer, salesperson and “the product” of his (her) business.

Having at least a basic knowledge and training in all those areas can help you grow your business more effectively and set you apart from your competition.

Starting this new year (2019), I would like to share just a few of my favorite readings of 2018 (books & blogs), that have helped me become a better version of myself as a businessman, a multi-op owner, and an educator.


This is Marketing – Seth Godin (amazon link)
Shut up and sell more weddings and events – Allan Berg (amazon link)
Sales 4 event pros – Mitch Taylor (amazon link)
Selling the invisible – Harry Beckwith (amazon link)
Why don’t they call me – Alan Berg (amazon link)
Start with why – Simon Sinek (amazon link)
Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions – Dan Ariely (amazon link)
Why She Buys – Bridget Brennan (amazon link)
The Go-Giver A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea – Bob Burg and John David Mann (amazon link)
 A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future– Daniel Pink (amazon link)


Dave Ternier’s blog (Adjthought) (Enjoy it here)
Mobile beat (Lucky you… you are already reading it)
WeddingWire EDU (A must read resource here)
Alan Berg’s blog (Enjoy it here)
Rising Tide (The Alladin’s cave of wonders here)


I am Greek. I live in Greece; I speak Greek, my firm is hosting destination weddings all over Greece, and this is where I’m focusing on, helping DJs and wedding professionals optimize the way they communicate and sell.
A huge percentage of the information and knowledge in our field is written in English and remains untranslated,  so lots of DJs across the globe may be struggling to utilize it in its full extent. How lucky should every English-speaking DJ consider himself, having access to these piles of treasure, without even trying?

If you are unaware of some, do check them out. If you have read them, consider sharing this post with someone that can benefit from it.

Thank you for your time

May the fun be with you

PS: This is not a sponsored post and none of the links are affiliate links.

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