RCF Introduces E Series Analog Mixing Consoles

January 3, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Tradition redefined is how RCF is touting the new E Series of analog mixing desks. A step forward in the development of analog mixer technology, RCF takes the familiar platform of mixers to a new level. Specifically designed mix preamps, dynamic compressors on mic input channels, semi-parametric four-band EQ with a superior degree of control for this class of compact mixers, stereo USB port for recording or playback, USB power port to feed external devices, foot switch input to control effects, long-throw faders and onboard Z.Core DSP effects.

“In terms of analog, these mixers are top of the range, and their high quality effects are designed to be the best in this class,” states Director of RCF Digital Audio Division Umberto Zanghieri. “The algorithms are derived from the RCF M Series of digital mixers, with each algorithm having two parameters which can be edited and stored. The user can conveniently arrange a selection of the most frequently used effects for quicker recall.”

Product Manager Sandro Chinellato adds, “These are aslo the only mixers in this price range to have switchable Q curve in order to obtain different sounds. From the ground up this series has been designed with high quality mic preamps, EQ and FX – with a reverb time up to 11 seconds – and an advanced signal path.”

All consoles feature the newly designed 32-bit floating-point Z.Core DSP effects engine offering 80 predefined presets – 40 reverbs, 20 delays and 20 modulation effects – with two responsive parameters that can be freely modified to suit the needs of the mix. In addition, a bank of 20 user presets is available with immediate shortcut recalls positions.

Three models of mixers are available in the E Series:

E24 – 24-channel console

18 mic/line inputs + 3 stereo line inputs
8 dynamic compressors (ch. 1-8)
4-band semiparametic EQ (3-band on stereo inputs)
6 aux sends per channel (#5 pre/post, #6 feeds internal effects)
100 mm faders
2 stereo groups
32-bit floating-point Z.Core DSP effects
E16 – 16 channel console

12 mix/line inputs + 2 stereo line inputs
6 dynamic compressors (ch. 1-6)
4-band semiparametric EQ (3-band on stereo inputs)
6 aux sends per channel (#5 pre/post, #6 feeds internal effects)
100 mm faders
2 stereo groups
1 stereo return input
32-bit floating-point Z.Core DSP effects
E12 – 12-channel console

6 mix/line inputs + 3 stereo line inputs
4 dynamic compressors (ch. 1-4)
3-band semiparametric EQ
4 aux sends per channel
60 mm faders
1 stereo group
32-bit floating-point Z.Core DSP effects



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