Rane Sixty-Four mixer powered by Serato DJ’s DVS

September 8, 2013 by Mobile Beat

Rane and Serato continue their ten-year partnership with Rane’s professionally-crafted, art-expanding instruments integrated with Serato’s world-famous digital vinyl emulation software.

sixtyfour_centeredRane is pleased to introduce the Rane Sixty-Four mixer for Serato DJ software. This bundled combination is uniquely qualified to meet the mixing needs of a wide variety of DJ genre. It is equally accommodating whether you’re mixing analog, DVS, digital or a combination of these. The Sixty-Four is the ultimate plug-and-play mixer, allowing you to take remixing and music production to a new level.

Tight integration with Serato DJ software provides intuitive control of Serato DJ features like Libraries, Sync, Slip, Jump-to-loop and Samples, all without taking your eyes off the mixer or packing extra controllers.

Quickly and easily add and remove audio channels from the FlexFx loop to gain access to six built-in effects, post-fader Serato DJ iZotope effects and an external effects processor, in any combination!

With two computers connected, simply switch a mixer source selector to instantly assign audio and MIDI to the desired USB port. Each port features a 22-channel soundcard, providing the resource you need for music production, remixing and routing Serato DJ iZotope effects to your post-fader mix.

Keep up with what this all means to the Art of DJing at Rane’s DJ Blog – dj.rane.com/blog

Ships late October, 2013.

See us at stand B47 at BPM, September 14, 15, & 16, 2013, in Birmingham UK

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Rane Corporation is an established innovator in problem-solving audio tools, professionally engineered with a focus on science, price/performance, and not frills and hype. Designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States, Rane’s product distribution is worldwide. Marketplaces are DJ (performance, club, mobile & recording), Commercial (music & paging, networked systems) and Live Sound (FOH and monitoring) and featuring innovative analog and digital audio products for each category. For more information, visit www.rane.com

About Serato

Serato, the worldwide innovator and specialist in DJ audio software, is the original inventor of Pitch ‘n Time launched in 1999, revolutionizing the way sound could be manipulated in a studio environment. A huge success, this software had applications for sound production across the music and film industries. Since 2000, on the strength of its networks within the DJ industry, Serato began to specialize in products designed specifically for the digital DJ industry. It worked with hardware manufacturers to further develop its products away from the constraints of studio and computer-based equipment to applications for all-in-one controllers which provide portability and ease-of-use like never before. Serato collaborates with hardware manufacturers to bring new tools to the professional and beginner DJ. In 2011, Serato launched Serato DJ Intro, the first product designed for the beginner, giving the amateur DJ the opportunity to learn the skills required in digital DJing, opening the market to a much wider audience. With a suite of music and video manipulation software and tools designed for both the professional and entry level/ beginner DJ markets, Serato is regarded as the pioneer of the digital DJ industry, with a host of supporters and fans worldwide. With an increasingly sophisticated user base, the development of product has gone from strength to strength since the company’s inception. Serato customers are fully engaged with the company through Serato’s customer care line, forums and social media channels, and are constantly suggesting improvements that they would like to see incorporated. Serato’s developers work closely with leading DJs and music industry leaders to innovate and improve Serato products, with the needs and desires of their customers always a top priority. For more information on Serato visit serato.com

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