Putting Sauce on those MBLV21 Nuggets

March 21, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

It’s hard to believe another amazing week of Mobile Beat Madness has come to an end. A week crammed with learning, celebrating, making new friends and more celebrating. Definitely a lot of celebrating. The big question is how many
“nuggets” did you take home with you and are you ready to apply them?

The big focus this year at MBLV21 was on motivation and sales, or “The business of running a DJ business”. Both are key topics in our industry. The principles, methods and ideas discussed this year will have a major impact on your business and personal life if you apply them. Wasted knowledge is simply a waste.

The motivational speeches, especially Todd Mitchem’s “You Disrupted” stressed the power of personal change. Todd broke down how to use the power of disruption to break the monotony and bad habits of our lives. Disruption can also be applied to our events. Our job is to “disrupt” the everyday lives of the guests and take them to a place of happiness, joy and celebration. Buy Todd’s book in April. You’ll understand.

If think being a DJ is about playing some songs and making a little extra cash under the table each weekend, you are dead wrong. This mentality is why so many “DJs” say that they could never be full time. You ARE a business owner! Wake up! The sooner you start running your DJ service like a business, the quicker you can start living a beautiful life.

The sales seminars packed a punch this year. Jeffrey Gitomer explained to a packed room why you fail at sales and running your business in two simple words; “You Suck”! That’s a tough pill to swallow. Matt Radicelli went on to further prove that point by having everyone take a quick financial litmus test for their businesses. That test opened a lot of eyes.

If you didn’t attend Mobile Beat this year, you missed an amazing opportunity to grow your business physically, financially and spiritually. For everyone else, take those nuggets and start applying them to today. Make a short list of the top ten nuggets you learned and divide them into two categories. Short term and long term. Some nuggets you can implement immediately and start reaping the benefits. Others may require developing a strategy to implement them over a several month period.

Put some sauce on those nuggets! Make them work for you. Keep that Mobile Beat notebook in front of you. Stay pumped and connected with the presenters. Get a mentor and business coach. Start running your business like a business, so you can live a beautiful life. See you all at MBLV22!!

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Mike Cordeiro is the owner of M.C. Entertainment. A small RI multi-op. Mike got his start in the entertainment field while stationed in Frankfurt Germany in 1990. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment & Event Management from Johnson & Wales University and has appeared on TLC’s Four Weddings, hosted an episode of Toddler’s & Tiaras, and does background acting for movies.

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