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September 29, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

We have clients that are always asking for us to send a proposal to them explaining what we have & what we are promising. Until recently, sending a proposal wasn’t a very polished email & certainly didn’t have any wow!

I’ve been searching for the perfect proposal software that would allow us to deliver wow while managing our offerings. I finally found it – Event Chit Chat!

Event Chit Chat (ECC) allows you to create any offering that you want. Let’s say you want to create a specific Wedding DJ Package. You can do that with descriptive words, cool photos & amazing videos. Now create an offering of Wedding Décor Lighting with the same support media.

Now when it’s time to send a proposal to a prospective bride, all you have to do is drag the specific offerings that you have into a new proposal. Adjust the price, details, etc. & email it to her within a couple of minutes. What she receives looks like a Pinterest Board with each photo representing your specific offerings. She clicks on a phot & it opens up to the details, photos & videos of the offering.

If she goes to her parent’s this weekend & wants to show them what entertainment company that she likes, all she has to do is open up her email & let them discover the wow!

If you are interested in the software just send me an email & I can send you an invitation to check it out?

Creating “Wow” is easier by proposing wow!

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