Proper Equipment Needed – By Jason Weldon

July 12, 2018 by Jason Weldon

A big mistake I see with DJs who are trying to get into A/V rental is the type of equipment they are using. As a DJ, sometimes the less expensive equipment is perfectly acceptable. However, to the corporate client, you will need to make sure you are using industry-standard equipment. The most noticeable will be microphones, computers and projectors.

Your microphone needs to be able to sound good and be clear from interference. Some of the cheaper microphones just don’t have the strength to cut through a lot of the RF noise from, what seems to be, a constant barrage of interference. Spending the money on a solid wireless combo unit will make you look good and will pay itself off very quickly. You will also want to invest in a set of antennas so that you can be sure the signal is strong for the entire event. Don’t cheap out on this one. This will be used every single day

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