3rd Annual State of the DJ Industry Full Printed Report

April 1, 2019 by Mobile Beat




Mobile Beat is proud to present the third annual “State of the DJ Industry” survey with questions and 2018 data compiled, analyzed and scribed by marketing guru, in-house economics nerd, and Mobile Beat presenter, Matt Martindale (Matt@MattMartindale.com). You may have seen it at MBLV live too!

There were a total of 1,016 surveys were completed providing a tremendous amount of data to analyze! 

Why get the full report? It’s only $10 and published by Mobile Beat.

The value of the information to your business is simple: 55% of DJs that read the report last year, half of those said they made specific positive changes to their business after reading it. The findings helped readers “spot trends, adapt and use it as a valuable planning/forecasting tool to their business.” The most common response was “I raised my rates after reading it” with several comments about “I changed my marketing strategy or packages.” There were a few comments, such as “I read the findings quickly with a grain of salt. In retrospect, I wish I would have made changes from the data, and made them sooner.” Nearly half said it helped their revenues increase as a result.

IF you completed the full DJ survey and included your email address you will receive a free copy of the full 21 page report and forecast. If you would like the full report and forecast, you can click here to get it through Mobile Beat.

You’ll see lots of key statistics to help your business and lots of eye opening figures. For example:

  • EYE OPENING: The growth in the number of events per respondent came as a result of booking more non-wedding events in 2018! This is huge! This also mirrors the sentiment (and last year’s forecast) of an anticipated improved economy (in that non-wedding sector).
  • EYE OPENING: In the previous survey, 22% of couples contacted their DJ 12 to 16 months in advance; 23% was 12 to 16 months in advance two years ago. It is now 27.4% are planning 12 to 16 months in advance. The thing to note, is that there is sharp decline in wedding inquiries 7 to 11 months prior, but a huge increase 2 to 6 months lead time (exactly as forecasted previously).
  • EYE OPENING: There appears to be quick shift to reliance on the cloud for music. Statistics indicate that 25% of all the music played at an event is streamed from the cloud and public sites (i.e. Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, etc), including purchasing a song at an event if needed. Of the DJs that stream, 82% are single operators with almost all stating they will not sub-contract other DJs. 

In the full report, you will:

  • Learn what regions and states had the largest revenue increases and decreases in 2018… and a few notable trends; including the region of the country that is booming!
  • Dig into the real numbers…part time vs full time and who is really making money!
  • Read the top 5 most effective methods for training and improvement as indicated by DJs.
  • Review the current list of side by side offerings between single operators and multi-system operators. Who’s adding on what? 
  • Learn the 5 most common service offerings that DJs planned to add in 2018, what they actually did add, and what they plan to add in 2019.
  • Discover what DJs say are their top 4 most effective marketing tools in their marketing arsenal.
  • Understand the difference between “trend and fad” in the DJ industry.
  • Delve deeper into the reported number of inquiries for each event category and what specific sector had explosive growth in 2018! Will it continue in 2019?
  • Find out what is the average industry closing rate is for appointments (broken out by event category).
  • Learn the total average number of events performed per respondent company (broken out by event category), and see the trend.
  • Uncover industry trends with rates – who raised them, and for what type of events? What about cancellations, lead time for planning events, the average number of appointments and more so you can plan and forecast better.
  • Learn about the industry sentiment with trade associations, hiring, liability insurance, purchasing equipment and more! 
  • Discover what DJs say are the 3 biggest opportunities for 2019.
  • How to plan for the 3 biggest concerns going into 2019.
  • Matt’s favorite question, “If I had a magic wand, the one thing I would do to grow my business…”
  • Then, read Matt’s insightful SIX page State of the DJ Industry forecast for 2019. As always, he continues to be spot on! 

It’s 21 pages of pure awesomeness. A truly “must read” playbook to get a jump on your competition.

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