Pricing – When Should You Discuss it?

September 20, 2016 by Jason Rubio

Whether you offer DJ services, photo booth services, photography, video, florist, catering, etc., a controversial topic in the even services market is pricing. Let’s face it, no matter what your business believes about discussing pricing, at some point, you’ll have to tell the customer exactly what your prices are. If you do your research, there are various sources out there that will tell you different things about when to discuss pricing. So what’s the best solution?

The simple answer is, it depends on your actual business and what works best for you. With our company, Austin’s Best DJs, based in Austin, Texas, (there are actually many Austins throughout the US), we feel that it’s best to be completely transparent with our customers. We write our prices right on our website. Out of the hundreds of DJ companies with websites, here in the Austin and Central Texas area, this is very uncommon. Most sources will tell you to wait to reveal the price, and try to inform your customer about your value. To be honest, we’ve done both, not listing prices, and listing prices. We found that we had about the same amount of inquiries, but we spent much more time discussing price. So, we decided it was easier for us to be upfront about our prices, so we could “weed-out” clients who would not book with us, anyway, due to budget. It saves us time, which we all know is very valuable, as business owners!

We like to think of it in terms of our own shopping experience. Imagine you are on Amazon, looking to buy a new set of speakers. All the speakers have similar information. They’re all “1000 Watts” (we know that tactic) and all have good reviews, except all of them do not list their prices! Will you take the time to contact each one, or will you simply try to weed out some, then contact others? I know with event services, it’s not quite that simple, but it’s the same concept. We ALL want to know what the cost will be for anything we are purchasing. I’d much rather have someone tell me what I need to know, upfront, versus giving me a sales pitch and making me answer many questions, give my phone number, etc., just to get the price. Of course every business is different; doing what works for you, works best! Good luck!

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Jason Rubio is the co-owner and founder of Austin’s Best DJs, a professional DJ & photo booth company that provides music and entertainment for hundreds of weddings and events in the Austin and central Texas area. Jason started his DJ career as a mobile DJ, at age 13, and has since DJ’ed thousands of events, providing music and entertainment for clubs, bars, radio, concerts, festivals and various other events. In addition to writing for Mobile Beat, Jason also writes “The DJ Insider,” and has been featured in Canadian Special Events Magazine, Wedding Planner Magazine, and numerous other sites and publications. Jason is also a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education, as well as a Master’s of Public Administration, from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Contact Jason Rubio at

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