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October 16, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Join the original founders of DJ Idea Sharing Mike Fernino and Rob Peters as they reunite and share before the big show kicks up at MBLV. Starting around noon their unique brand of networking and sharing of business ideas, performance tips, gear fixes and more will start the entire week’s of educational content out with a smorgasbord of ideas that will make your head spin.

It was Ryan Burger, Publisher and President of Mobile Beat that kicked this up, while thoughts of similar were stirring with Mike and Rob. “It’s great to get these two guys together who led the charge that became DJ Idea Sharing. Rob has been out of the mix for awhile with DJIS but it’s the formula that is the two of them that we wanted when we started talking about this networking and sharing event to kick off MBLV22!” said Ryan.

Mike Fernino “I have so many fond memories of past Mobile Beat events. My proudest moments were presenting DJ Idea Sharing events with my partner Rob Peters! This is truly a thrill having an opportunity once again to create a forum in which ideas are exchanged, creativity is stimulated and friendships and networking are the featured. Rob and I have not done event like this since we created our world famous DJ Idea Idea Sharing Facebook group and I attest that the live element takes everything to another level! So excited for this event! “

This is going back to the roots of what DJ idea Sharing is all about,” Rob Peters tells us. “DJ’s learning from other DJs, similar to all of those “hallway conversations” that often happens at DJ conferences. I’m not going to reveal too much yet, but you can bet that we’re going to combine what are original Live Events were all about, with a little bit of open forum participation from attendees. This is definitely something attendees of Mobile Beat Las Vegas are NOT going to want to miss!”

This is going to serve as a warm-up to the main activities and keep people in the zone after they pick up their badges starting at that morning. The doors will open up at 12 or 12:15 depending on how things are going inside and the show up at around 12:30-12:45 with the first presenter at 1pm. Check out the event website at

Mike Fernino

Mike Fernino has been a professional DJ since he started off as a 15 year old back in 1984. Starting his own company, Music In Motion and expanding to full-time status in the early 90’s. Mike also became actively involved with DJ organizations including a local association called the Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association where he served as director. During that time he became very passionate about DJ education and helping others to grow and improve in order to raise the industry bar.

It was in 2001 that Mike organized a small get-together of DJs at a local establishment to trade and share ideas. It was so successful that another event was planned, and then another and so on. The gathering became known as “DJ Idea Sharing” and turned into a huge local event in the New England region holding 2-3 live events each year. The networking event soon expanded into podcasts, chat forums and appearances at Mobile Beat. But it was the Facebook group which blew up and turned into one of the largest DJs groups in the world, as well as the industry standard for DJ idea exchange.

Mike still performs as lead DJ/MC of his company performing over 100 events annually with no slowing down in sight. As for DJ Idea Sharing, it continues to grow as a non-profit entity to benefit the DJ industry with a channel, blog and website promoting DJ comradery and professional idea exchange.

Rob Peters

Over 30 years ago, Rob Peters began DJing while attending St. Joseph’s College in Windham, Maine during his freshman year. “I dj’d one of the dances one night and had a lot of fun doing it.” notes Peters. “DJing was a good fit for my personality at that time as I was ‘coming out of my shell’ then.”

Rob continued to earn his degree and not only for campus but also on the radio at the college radio station, as well as at WGAN AM and WMGX FM in Portland. Following graduation, Rob moved back to Boston where he grew up and eventually started working at WROL AM in Boston. “At that time, I had stopped doing mobile work, until I was asked by a friend to DJ party and took off from there.” Since that time, Rob has developed his DJ company into a full time, business in greater Boston. Rob Peters Entertainment, Inc. located in Braintree, Massachusetts, specializes in Weddings, Corporate Events, and Kid’s Entertainment. Rob is also of “The Business Of Mobile DJing” from Mobile Beat.

In addition, Rob has been sharing his knowledge of the DJ industry for over 15 years through podcasts, and presentations. Rob is a regular contributor Mobile Beat magazine and at its conferences, and a contributor to the Disc Jockey News.

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