Prepping a Set for the Ultimate Fête

June 3, 2019 by Staci Nichols

Me on the center of a stage in front of 500 people for two hours! An opening act! People were buying tickets to see me perform! One thing I knew before I DJ’d in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for New Year’s Eve, was that I needed to prepare a set. Transitions needed to be rehearsed. Cue points needed to be tested. A highenergy opener and meaningful closer needed to be mapped out.

I’ve always been of the camp that a set should never be 100% concrete before getting a chance to read the crowd, but I also knew I needed to be ready to go before I got on the airplane. What to do? Because I had a wedding on December 28th, I did not have much time to get to Cabo early and scope things out. I would be playing at a joint New Year’s Eve party for three adjacent resorts all owned by Grand Solmar. So I did as much as I could from home, thinking back on my last time in a resort in Cabo 2 years previously.

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