Pre-packaged playlists= the new DJ challenge

June 21, 2012 by Ric Hansen

Mobile DJs continue to deny that the many new media sources are a serious threat to what we do.  Rather than blindly dismiss them though, I suggest we keep a close eye on what is going on in the music technology world.  I am convinced it will have an impact.

Lets break it down.  Why do people hire Mobile DJs?  Mainly three reasons:

1.  DJ have access to a huge music library, larger than the average party planner

2.  DJ has a powerful, quality, professional sound system.

3.  DJs offer MC skills, personality, and integrate energy and fun into the show.

Let’s zero in on #1 above.    Now almost everyone has access to a huge music library.  Pandora, Spotify, I heart radio, I-tunes instant downloads.

But wait,  there is a new entry into the free music access world….Have you found Songza yet?  

Now there is a music service that sorts music and prepares playlists customized to MOOD.   Not just genre.  So, you log in, and it says “Hey it’s Thursday Morning”  Do you want music designed for “Waking up” “Feeling Confident”, “Singing in the Shower”, “working out” “popular Genres” or “reading the paper”.  Click again and it zeros in on your choice of genres.  Then it takes you on an interesting music journey playing a combination of songs you know and new songs.  Genius.  After all that is how we all use music…to compliment, or enhance our mood.  Then they publish special lists for special occasions.  See below.  Couldn’t this include “Sweet 16 Party” list,  “Middle School Dance” list “Prom” List.   Granted,  the spontaneous mix to match the crowd, and playing requests is eliminated with a prepackaged playlist.  But Free is tempting for party planners unless you are bringing alot more to the party besides a playlist.


My point:  (I’ve said it before….and I stand on my soap box again.)  Your real job, your absolutely critical skill is your ability to work the crowd, become a personality.  Involve the crowd, do games, sing alongs, group dances, shout outs.  That is the challenge of the next generation mobile DJ.  Just because have you have a big music library and beefy sound system, will not pack it as we enter the new era of party entertainment.  Get good at creating a party and you will always have a work.

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