Positive Thinking Tip: Live the Life of Your Dreams! by Kent Julian

September 15, 2014 by Kent Julian

Allan Dubon is a blogger, author, speaker, and consultant. He specifically focuses on social media, leadership, life, and motivation. Allan attended college and worked really hard to receive a degree as a medical laboratory scientist, which he enjoyed doing, but his passion lies in social media and helping small business and organizations grow. He has been actively involved in web design and consulting since 2002, and he is the author of When Leadership Meets Social Media.

Allan is an average guy who is sharing his journey. He is willing to help you make your first $100 online as well as show you how you can build an active, engaged community. This is about YOU! How you can build your dreams, create your future, and live life to the fullest.


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If you boiled life down to one philosophy that brings meaning and adds value to your life no matter what circumstances you face, what is that philosophy for you?

Choose to be happy! Too often we are quick to look for excuses and see the difficulties of things. We lament our situations and think how hard our lot is in life. Yet everyone has difficulties and it is how you respond to those difficulties that will help you on your path to success. The moment I chose to be happy no matter what came my way was a paramount moment in my life.

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Kent is a past keynote presenter at the Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Show and Conference. Before starting Live It Forward, Kent led several youth organizations in Georgia, Nebraska, and Illinios. He also served as the Executive Director of Alliance Youth, an organization that works with over 2,000 youth groups across the United States. Okay, now that you know about Live It Forward and Kent’s work history, he wants to share what’s most important to him. His mission in life is to glorify God and enjoy him well by being a compelling and influential encourager who equips people and organizations to show up and shine in their most important roles. Kent is crazy-in-love with his wife, Kathy, and their three incredible children. He is an avid exerciser who runs, swims, and does strength training, so you’ll regularly find him enjoying a good workout. Besides exercising, his favorite pastimes include listening to music, reading, eating sushi, and sipping dark roasted coffee (right now, his two favorite is Ethiopian). His favorite ice cream is, and will always be, coffee ice cream! Oh yeah, one last thing…he’s very comfortable with his bald head because as he likes to say, “God only uncovers that which is perfect!”

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