Popular Karaoke Locating App Adds New “Karaoke List” Functionality

December 5, 2011 by Mobile Beat

Popular Karaoke Locating App Adds New “Karaoke List” Functionality

Giving even more value to karaoke fans, the ever popular (and free) Karaoke Loop mobile app adds a new tool designed for singers who are victims of tequilla-inspired memory loss. It’s a common problem for Karaoke fans: while rushing to turn in a song to the KJ, they can’t think of anything to sing. Singers can now create a list of their favorite karaoke songs so that they don’t have to harass their friends or the KJ with the annoying question “What song should I sing?!” The singer can now browse Karaoke Loop’s intuitive “Universal Karaoke Songbook” that contains nearly all known karaoke titles, and tag the songs that they want to earmark for future reference. The new feature is easy to find thanks to the new, prominent button on the home screen that prompts you to create a list of “Faves” or allows you quick access if you’ve already created a list.

Although the app contains the titles of nearly all existing karaoke songs, if singers want to add a song to the list which doesn’t appear in Karaoke Loop’s database, they can also manually add any title that they want. And for those of you who want to be Freddie Mercury but don’t quite have the vocal range, the new “Favorites List” feature also lets you specify your key change preferences and any other notes (if you prefer the Sound Choice version of a song, for example). And don’t worry if you can’t remember how the song goes, Karaoke Loop will help jog your memory by allowing you to listen to a preview of your song by pre-populating a search in iTunes.

Until recently, the primary purpose of Karaoke Loop was simply to find karaoke shows. Karaoke Loop cross-references your phone’s GPS location with its database of known karaoke shows happening on today’s date to locate all available karaoke opportunities within 30 miles of your location. Or, if you’re planning ahead or traveling, you can search for another zip code or a different day of the week. Although this has been a popular feature of the app, its fans are always asking for more. “Singers are demanding new tools to interact with the karaoke show using their phones” says Karaoke Loop creator Sam Spendlove. “Our objective with Karaoke Loop is to create the Swiss Army Knife for the karaoke singer.”

Karaoke Loop is currently available for iOS devices as a free download in the iTunes App Store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/karaoke-loop/id410724734?mt=8. Or, if you have an Android, BlackBerry, or any other smartphone or tablet with a browser, point it to mobile.karaokeloop.com. See www.karaokeloop.com or facebook.com/karaokeloop for more details.

For karaoke bars, karaoke businesses or KJ’s wishing to add their shows to the Karaoke Loop network, you can do so (for free) at this URL: http://www.karaokeloop.com/signup

About Karaoke Loop:
Karaoke Loop was the brain child of longtime karaoke businessman, Sam Spendlove. After seeing his karaoke songbooks get reduced to shreds every few months, Sam decided that there had to be a better way to let his singers access his songbook. However, the cost of developing an iPhone app just for his small business was unrealistic. He figured that he probably wasn’t the only KJ out there who was having this problem so he decided to create a solution that he could use himself, and that could be used by any other karaoke businesses. Karaoke Loop was launched in December of 2010 as an iPhone app and a mobile optimized website and has since gone through several revisions.

For more information, please contact Sam Spendlove at 801.232.8994 or sam@karaokeloop.com

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