Music in Casinos: What’s Popular

October 9, 2019 by Mobile Beat

Music in casinos is primarily used to create a particular type of atmosphere or to maintain a mood. Specific forms of music can amplify players’ gambling behavior or provide them with a sense of comfort. Although popular music has changed over the last few decades, the popular casino music of today includes many genres that were prevalent back in the glory days of Vegas. Whether casinos use soundtracks or live bands, the intention is to create an ambiance that suits the specific casino and its clientele. That does not just apply to real-life casinos. Playing the right type of music is also essential for online casino games. Do you want to find out more about what music is popular in casinos? Then, read on.

Low-tempo Music

One of the most popular music genres associated with the good-old-days of Las Vegas in the 1950s and 1960s is lounge music, and it is still a popular choice in casinos around the world today. Lounge’s easy-going sound with subtle accents has a great appeal to casino-goers, as it provides a background sound that can induce peacefulness. That means it does not break the players’ concentration. In today’s world, lounge music is mostly-played at casinos in the daytime; when a more relaxing environment is required. It is not only lounge music that can create this feeling of tranquility, though. Any slow low-tempo music can induce a sense of calm in players. Other popular genres of slow-paced music played at casinos include blues and jazz, as well as melodic piano songs.

What music do online casinos use?

In a physical casino, players will play a wide variety of games in one-setting. Therefore, the music cannot accompany individual games in the same way as with online casino games. Most internet casinos provide a variety of games. For example, has nearly 2,000 different games, including table games, slot machines, and jackpot games. Each of these uses different types of music to go with the game in question. You may hear fast music for a frantic game, while a relaxed gameplay mode will usually have the accompaniment of a piece of music with a slower pulse or a lighter rhythm. A good piece of music for online games should not be overly-noticed by the players. Playing the wrong music with the wrong game will attract too much attention to it, which can result in players becoming irritated by the music. No casino or player wants that.

Fast-tempo Music

While low-tempo music is mostly-played in the daytime at casinos, the night-time experience usually requires more of a party atmosphere. Therefore, upbeat, fast-tempo music is ideal for playing at casinos in the evenings. Up-tempo music is full of energetic, celebratory sounds, which can create an exciting ambiance on the casino floor. Indeed, some studies show people’s gambling behavior becomes more intense when listening to fast-tempo music. Popular types of fast-tempo music played in casinos today tend to be techno or electronic music. Upbeat music like space-age pop, or rock and roll, is even used at some casinos. That is dependent on the overall theme of the casinos in question.

Live Music

Live music in casinos can attract more people who are passing by outside. By using high-profile bands and musicians in the casino bar, even more people will become attracted to entering. Both low-tempo and upbeat live music are popular choices for casinos. The choice depends on the vibe they want to create, the specific clientele of the casino, and the time of day the bands are playing. Popular favorites of music include jazz, blues, rock and roll, and even loud rock music. DJ sets are becoming more popular at casinos too. DJ sets tend to focus on fast-tempo techno and electronic music, as well as popular club tracks and mainstream songs.

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