Plug the People into Your Lighting

May 16, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Due to make its DJ industry debut at MBLV21’s Peavey DJ Takeover, the primary product from is designed to add excitement to your events by making the audience be part of the light show. Although this brief review will give you a good overview of DJ Bands, this definitely something you have to see in person to fully understand. So be in Las Vegas for the product roll out!
While similar technology has been seen in the past, Geoff Carlisle of Jamm Entertainment has been working with manufacturers in China for the last nine months to get just the right product ready for the DJs in North America to use at their events.

Adding the audience to your light show is simple: You put LED lightup wristbands on your party guests, and control them wirelessly from a laptop with a radio transmitter. From there you can trigger them by the beat of the music, divide them into groups by colors, and pick people for contests…in short, have a lot of fun with them through this cool new technology.







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