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July 8, 2016 by Scott Jarema

The 2016 NAMM Show back in January in Anaheim, California was an exciting event for all musically-oriented types including us DJs. While 171-at-jerema1perusing all the goodies on display there (including Pioneer’s CDJ “TIE Fighter” and “Millennium Falcon” CDJ models) I couldn’t help but notice two trends in our market this year.

We are seeing a movement away from the laptop in digital controller DJ arena. Most indicative of this was the launch of Denon DJ’s MCX8000 controller, featuring Denon’s “Engine” software along with Serato DJ compatibility. The MCX8000 joins the Pioneer XDJRX and Numark’s Mixdeck III already on the market.

The second trend is a resurgence of the turntable, with the introduction of new Denon VL12 and Numark’s TT250 Professional direct- drive turntables. These, along with the imminent re-launch of the venerable Technics SL1200 from Panasonic shows there is still a large demand for vinyl decks.


An exciting new product offering from Arria Live Media this year is their new “Arria.Live Technology.” This network-based system is poised to be a real game-changer for both the live sound and mobile DJ market. I had the opportunity get the lowdown on this revolutionary new system at their NAMM booth.

Traditional PA sound setups utilize dedicated speaker & mic channels using bulky cables running into a mixer or PA amplifier. For the uninitiated, 171-omez-jerema2this can be a daunting task to set up properly and to troubleshoot if any problems arise. Arria Live Media developed a digital, Ethernet-based system that makes it simple for someone with limited technical knowledge to set up and troubleshoot a live sound system.

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