Plucking a jewel from MBLV17

February 14, 2013 by Ric Hansen

It’s been said that if you can pluck just one golden nugget from an industry gathering,  you will have paid for your trip (and time) many times over.  With all that goes on at the Mobile Beat show it’s easy to find your prize pearl.  Mine was Jon Acuff’s opening talk.  Not knowing much about him in advance, I had no expectations.  His message was perfect for a mobile DJ audience (applause for Mike and Ryan for picking him, up and fades):  Guys (and gals) who are passonate about what they do, but many times haven’t been able to cross the career abyss from “day job” to “dream job”.   In a well crafted, sometimes hilarious, message Jon lays the ground work for positioning yourself for the transition.  His book “Quitter” goes into more detail and is a work of  very clever word art.  I found myself laughing out loud at times on the plane ride home.  You can tell he loves his craft and has a unique and gifted style. I am anxious to get his forthcoming book “Start” just to marvel in his playful mastery of the written word.

There was plenty more to latch onto at Mobile Beat.  For me just meeting and spending time with other industry stand outs like  DJ Michael Mireles from Houston, John Murray and the amazing crew from Jammin DJs in Denver, DJ Thump from Washington, Super Dave from Detroit, Casey Brown from Dallas, JD the DJ and many more….these were not the session leaders, the speakers or the industry “notables”  but for me their gift was sharing who they are, what they are passionate about and what motivates them to be the best at what they do.   Frankly, for me, that is more valuable then what I gathered from the formal sessions.  Reading the pulse of an industry that continues to grow and flourish is what gets me charged up.   I love learning from the true pros who understand DJing is a lot more than big lights, and speakers and and music libraries….it’s knowing the psychology of the party.  How to take control of a party crowd and take them on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.  The days of wowing a crowd with your “hardware”  or “beat mixing” are over.  It’s the guys who understand their role as entertainer that will continue to be the true industry superstars.  Those are the guys I love to hang with at Mobile Beat.

Excuse me while I step down off of my soap box and go pre-order my Jon Acuff book “START”.  

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