Platinum People: Turning MBLV Up to 11

June 23, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

This year marked my ninth year coming to Mobile Beat Las Vegas and my first as a staff member.
What an incredible experience, to be on the inside and go behind the scenes of the production and
execution of the conference. The amount of hours, staff dedication and planning that go into MBLV each year is staggering. This conference really is a labor of love to give the DJ industry a solid, positive platform that helps us grow individually and collectively. Not everyone is going to have the opportunity to be a staff member (thank you Ryan and Dan), but the next best way to maximize your learning experience at MBLV is through the Platinum Pass.

Two years ago, for MBLV21, my wife and I bought Platinum passes. What a game-changer: front-row seating, quick access to all the presenters; VIP meet & greets with all the performers; increased
networking opportunities, the list of benefits goes on and on. If I hadn’t been blessed to move up to a staff position at Mobile Beat, I would continue to get the Platinum pass each year to make sure my
show experience was the best it could be.

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