Planning and Prioritizing

December 12, 2011 by DamonDenton

During the last few weeks of the year many of us find ourselves looking ahead to next year and what we can do better to get us that much closer to our goals and dreams.  Here are some helpful tips to apply to your daily and weekly planning and prioritizing.

The first and most important factor is that you MUST value your time.  When you consider that over 80% of the time we do things that we don’t even consciously think about it is vital to properly manage the time that you do think about.  Evaluate if your day is in control of you or are you in control if it?  Also realize that responding to the day creates unhealthy and unproductive habits.  Your effectiveness is dramatically decreased when you don’t plan ahead and make sure your day and your time responds to you.  Take a few moment each day before you go to bed and visualize the following day.  See every moment of it and how you will be productive.  Once you have that image in your mind, head off to sleep and dream of your perfect day!  Wake up the next day with the perfect plan in mind.

Time to plan and prioritize…

Right off the bat you want to accept that to have what others will never have you have to do what others are not willing to do.  Start with the most difficult things first and work your way down.  This way everything becomes easier as you begin to eliminate everything “more difficult”.  Put your weekly tasks on paper and put them into an A, B, C order each day:

A – Time sensitive, things that need to be done TODAY! (this should only be 2 things max)
B – Everything else important for the week
C – Everything that didn’t get done last week

The following week, start all over again!

Know the difference between “activity” and “productivity”.  Sure, you can spend all day doing “something” but is what you are doing productive?  Is it bringing you that much closer to your deadlines, responsibilities and goals? If the answer is no then you must have the discipline to file it into the “activity” category and only resume it when you have done everything possible that day to be productive.  this is not to say that you should not take time out to enjoy life, but there must be a balance.  Also understand that “Time Management” is a myth, we cannot manage time.  As of this read, remane it Priority Management.  Managing your priorities will afford you all the time needed to accomplish your daily, monthly and yearly goals.  The only time is NOW!  Be sure to add to your “A” list every day and every week.  By the end of the month it will become a habit and something you will look forward to.

Focus on thinking and doing vs. perfection.  To become highly successful, perfection is impossible.  Also, remember that if you are being pulled in 100 different direction you have no direction.  Be where you are going in your mind now, your body and progress will always follow.

Finally, when YOU value you your time, others will value YOUR time!


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