Pitfalls of trivia at a Bar and Pub

April 18, 2016 by DigiGames

“Make your trivia night the best it can be for both you the pub owner by avoiding the common pitfalls of hosting trivia in either a bar or a pub”

Welcome back to another week of blogging. I hope you have a had a fun and profitable weekend hosting your trivia events, and that the tips and hints given throughout last week were useful. Stay tuned this week for a new series of posts.

We are back this week with a new set of posts that will focus on a range of posts including how to perhaps “allow” cheating in your trivia event and a full recap of the last few weeks of posts in one handy posts.

Today though we are going to look at something I assume you are all familiar with….hosting trivia in a bar or pub. Now, for many of you reading this, bar trivia may be your main source of income and bookings. Without the invention of trivia in bars and pubs, there would hardly be a trivia industry. On any given night you can wander the cities of the world and trivia will be going on.

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