Pioneer DDJ SR2 Finally Hits the Market!

September 11, 2017 by Jason Rubio

Every DJ has his/her own preferences. Some DJs prefer turntables, using vinyl control, while others may prefer controllers, and some may prefer just using analog turntables and vinyl! I love turntables and spinning vinyl, but as a mobile DJ, I prefer to use my Pioneer DDJ SR. Both my wife and I have this controller (she’s a DJ, too). It’s portable, but still has all the things you need. I did have a few things that I wished they would add or change to the controller, but today, I no longer have to wish!

The Pioneer DDJ SR2 has made some recent changes and upgrades, that make it even better and more appealing! Now, it’s much more similar to its big brothers, the DDJ SX & DDJ SZ, now. A few key features they’ve added to the new DDJ SR2 are:

Harmonic Control – this allows you to control the key-related functions of your songs. This also includes the “Pitch ‘N Time” function, which allows you to change the keys, without changing the tempo of the songs!

Multicolored Performance Pads – the performance pads are the same, but now multicolored, to help you see which function you’re using. This is a great change, and it helps you to not accidentally use the wrong function (hot cues, sampler, roll, slicer, etc).

More Portable –  The best thing about the DDJ SR is that it’s very portable. Now, they made it even lighter, weighing just over 8 lbs!

Connections Change – This is the change that I really wanted. Now, the DDJ SR2 has XLR outputs (along with RCA). They’ve moved the microphone cable input to the back of the controller, which is a good change, too. Best of all, the SR2 now has a DC power adapter, so you can use the controller/mixer to control turntables or other media players without the laptop being on!

Needle Search – The needle search function has been added to help you search for the spot in the song that you need, quickly!


While there are many controllers on the market that make mobile DJing much easier, this controller is definitely at the top of the list. The Pioneer DDJ SR2 is decently priced, at $699. Check out all the specs and info, here.


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