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March 20, 2014 by Staci Nichols



A quick tour around your fellow DJs’ websites will show you that, compared to other wedding vendors, DJs have not quite figured out what to do with Pinterest yet. There are actually many ways for wedding DJs and other mobile entertainers to tap into the power of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media site that allows users to create picture boards (like a virtual tack boards). Non-commercial users tend to create boards for two reasons: to keep all their ideas on a certain topic in one convenient place or to share photos. Women as multi-taskers, planners, and list-makers are a natural fit for the platform Pinterest provides. A busy bride, for example, can be searching for a dress or cake and “pin” all of the ones she likes to her wedding board, checking them out later when she has more time. Many young women create wedding boards before they are engaged and start pinning anything interesting they see for safe keeping later.


Here’s the skinny on this increasingly-popular social media site:

  • Pinterest has around 12 million monthly visitors and 80% of them are women.
  • The majority of Pinterest users are between 25-34 years old.
  • Women on Pinterest are twice as likely to be college-educated.
  • 25% of Pinterest users have household incomes over $100,000/year.
  • 69% of consumers who visit Pinterest discover something there that they want to or will buy.
  • 19% of brides follow their wedding vendors’ on Pinterest.
  • 1 in 5 brides share their wedding boards with their wedding vendors.
  • Pinterest is actually more effective than paid advertising for wedding photographers.
  • 1 in 3 couples will use Pinterest to help plan their weddings.


When you create a Pinterest account, you can both follow other pinners and follow boards. When you log in to Pinterest, you will see pins from the people and boards you follow (like a “photo news feed”). Also, you can upload pins from your computer or re-pin things you see somewhere else. With each pin, you have the opportunity to write notes. Write search engine-optimized, keyword-friendly notes (i.e. “How my dance floor lighting will look in your wedding photos. Posted by San Diego Wedding DJ, Revolution Weddings,”).

Be sure to create your Pinterest account in their “Business” section so you can get html code to embed your boards onto your website. This means you can show brides right on your homepage that you’re one of those hip, savvy DJs that “gets it.” For older DJs, posting one of your Pinterest boards to your website is an extremely effective way of showing brides that you aren’t over the hill just yet!

As DJs, it’s easy to think that our presence on Pinterest is as natural as a photographer setting up a SoundCloud profile…not true! Here are a few ways for wedding DJs to show brides their Pinterest sophistication:


I own a “regular” DJ business and a separate “country” DJ business. I noticed that there weren’t really any country wedding music guides online, so I created a board of “Country Grand Entrance Songs,” “Country Bouquet Toss Songs,” and so on. Videos can be pinned, so I pinned videos of each song from YouTube. This allows brides and grooms to listen to the songs they find interesting in one convenient spot. A recent country bride said this on my post-wedding evaluation survey, “I love how she has a Pinterest account that had every part from the ceremony to the final goodbyes with music. I picked the music I wanted…”


If you offer a photo booth, rentals, special lighting packages, or anything along these lines, you can create a board with photos of your offerings. For example, I offer lounge sets that couples can rent to help create that “night club” atmosphere so many are going for these days. I made a board with pictures of each lounge set available, how many it seats, my logo, and my contact information. A potential client I met with last weekend asked about my lounge sets, then that night I got an email from Pinterest saying that she had pinned two of my lounge sets to her wedding board. I’m now a part of her wedding day vision—this is a good thing.

The experts do say that pins with price tags printed right on the image are the most effective (versus listing the price in the notes). As most of our physical products as DJs are intended only for existing clients (not the general public) and disclosing prices can be a deeply personal issue, I leave that decision up to you. My lounge set pins say, “Contact me for a price.”


Asking to see a potential (or new) client’s wedding board does five things:

1) It signals to the bride that you are one of those wedding vendors who genuinely cares about her over-all vision for the whole wedding day.

2) It’s like a tour through her inner-world giving you a myriad of clues about who she is.

3) It gives you an opportunity to ask if she needs referrals or information (“I see you want Asian fusion food for the wedding. I know an excellent caterer who does all kinds of Asian food.”)

4) It helps you stay abreast of wedding trends.

5) Making brides feel special is our #1 job–it makes a bride feel that much more special to show off her carefully-crafted board with you (something that quite frequently the groom hasn’t even asked to see).


Post your gig log to a Pinterest board entitled “Real San Diego Weddings” (or wherever). Brides LOVE seeing how other “real people,” especially from their area, did things on the big day.

Create a board of wedding tips or freebies. Every time you come across a helpful article, pin it. Forward your informative board to new clients, giving them an expertly-crafted resource and saving them lots of time potentially researching the same stuff.

Create a board of wedding entertainment ideas. Don’t tell your clients how cool a snow machine, dancing on the clouds, or a personalized Grand Entrance is—show them!

I hinted at this one earlier, but create a board of dance photos from the professionals who’ve photographed weddings you DJed. Professional photographs of our work always make us look better, of course. Plus, brides appreciate knowing how your particular lighting will look in their photos as well as getting ideas on the variety of ways her photographer might capture the dancing/lighting.

For my fellow bilingual DJs, all of this information logically extends to girls planning their quinceañeras as well. Create a XIV Años idea board.

Put together your dream DJ equipment wish list…but, be careful, as you may discover why Wed The Magazine called Pinterest “addictive.”









DJ and Minister Staci Nichols owns Revolution Weddings and Country Wedding DJ in southern California. Her wedding know-how has appeared on Wed Loft, Offbeat Bride, the Gig Masters Wedding Blog, and Brides Without Borders. She is available for DJ consulting with a focus on helping her male counterparts make their websites/services more bride-friendly.


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DJ Staci Nichols is based in San Diego. She specializes in spinning “country fusion,” Latin/Spanish, and mainstream music. Her wedding know-how has appeared in San Diego Style Weddings, Offbeat Bride, Wedding Planner Magazine, Gig Masters, Brides Without Borders, Book More Brides, and more. Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter: SanDiegoDJStaci

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