Philips’ M1X-DJ portable DJ soundsystem, we go eyes-on (video)

September 6, 2013 by Mobile Beat

Philips’ M1X-DJ portable DJ soundsystem hits IFA, we go eyes-on (video)

By Brian Heater posted Sep 5th, 2013 at 1:35 PM 12

The pictures may not quite drive the point home, so let us just say that this thing is a beast. And frankly the idea carrying it around using the add-on strip is giving us lower-back pain just thinking of it. But heck, it probably weighs a good deal less that carrying around cart after cart of vinyl — not to mention a couple of turntables and a whole PA system (not to mention all of those glow sticks). Philips’ M1X-DJ is a cool take on the idea of the computer DJ. It’s essentially a massive dock that connects to your iPad / iPhone via the lightning connector. On top, you’ll find two DJ platters and a mixer.

As we noted before, the M1X-DJ is hitting Europe in November, priced at €399. Click on through to the other side to check out a video of the wheels of plastic in action.

via Philips’ M1X-DJ portable DJ soundsystem hits IFA, we go eyes-on (video).

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