Perception: Small Changes Can Equal Big Results – Part 3: Everything Else

August 29, 2017 by Justin Reid

Here we are, only a few months left before peak booking season is upon us. Great news! That means there’s still time to take a look at our ourselves and our businesses and make any changes necessary. In Part 1 and Part 2, we took a look at our online presence and our traditional marketing methods and examined what they may be perceived by a potential customer. Perception for a lot of people simply equals the truth, whether it really is or not, so it is paramount that we give our business the best shot at properly marketing and successfully booking clients. Since we covered two marketing avenues, online and print, now it’s time to look at everything else. 

First up, let’s talk about attire and the way we dress. How are we dressing for our meetings? How are we dressing for our events? What do our potential customers, clients, and wedding guests perceive of us solely based on the way we dress? For an initial consultation, what is our outfit portraying to that potential customer? Is it portraying confidence, organization, and that you’re up with current trends, or does it look like we threw on the first thing as we walked out the door? For an event like a wedding, does what you’re wearing look similar to what the guests are wearing, or do we look like Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer? In the sales process there are many factors that are out of our control. However, we have full control of how we dress.

Next, let’s shift gears back the our online presence for a moment. Not our online business presence, but our online personal presence. In Sales 4 Event Pros written by Mitch Taylor (a must read for an event pro), he suggests researching your client, and if you aren’t doing so, you are definitely missing a chance to connect with a potential or current client. Through social media, there is so much information you can find out about someone within just a couple of minutes that can help better inform you on how you can better serve that client. All that said, you better believe that your clients are researching you too! Not just your business, but YOU! “But it’s my personal page and I’ll post whatever I want and I have a business page for business related info” you say. Let’s be honest, almost nothing with social media is private anymore, so just know that anything you put out there can be seen by a potential customer. Take a few minutes and scroll through your history to see if there is anything that could hinder your sales process.

Lastly, let’s talk about email. I feel like the office phone barely rings anymore. I would estimate that 95% of initial inquiries we receive these days are via email. Given that fact, it is so important that we are giving ourselves the best chance to connect with that potential customer in that first email response. I highly suggest creating an email template to respond to every inquiry with, but the tricky part is making that response sound genuine and custom so you will still need to do a bit of tweaking for each email response. It is so important to include a note about their venue, your past experiences there, and include the name(s) of the people at that venue. People don’t like risk, so including any details that remove the “unknown” from their heads is key. They will instantly feel more comfortable knowing you are familiar with their venue. One last thing to consider with your email is your signature. Do you have a picture of yourself in the signature? If not, I highly suggest adding it because your potential clients want to see who they’re talking to and who they can see themselves working with. Simply put, it works!

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