Perception: Small Changes Can Equal Big Results – Part 1: Online Presence

August 15, 2017 by Justin Reid

Here we are, only a few months left before peak booking season is upon us. Great news! That means there’s still time to take a look at our marketing tools and make any necessary updates. Obviously, we could make a ton of changes or spend a lot of money with our online presence and digital marketing, but is that the answer? That said, I would like to encourage everyone to take a critical look at our current marketing pieces and channels. What do they say about us or our company?

First, let’s check out our website. Everywhere we turn, “millennial this, millennial that”, and like it or not, our customers are different than they were even five years ago. There are a few things we can do to attract and connect with today’s couples even if our website isn’t as great as we’d like it to be. Starting with the aesthetic, do we have images of records and discs? It’s time to kill them! A couple that graduated from a bachelor’s program in 2017 was born around 1995. iTunes was released in 2001. They were 6 years old! It’s fair to say they have never known a physical medium on which to play their music. Another section on our website to visit is the “contact us” page. On our contact page, do we promote texting? We all text, so why not give that option to our potential brides and grooms, as well?

The next area we should examine is our social media presence. Social media avenues these days are numerous and sometimes difficult to keep up with. That said, our potential customers can see which ones we’re on and if we’re active. Instead of trying to keep 6 different plates spinning, we should focus on a couple and do them really well. No matter which platform, there are a couple things to keep in mind to stay current and relevant. Your potential customers are looking at beautiful, professional pictures on social media, so why do we think iPhone pictures are going to cut it in this image-driven environment? The exception here, which will further your social media presence, is behind the scenes type of material, which the Stories feature on Instagram and Snapchat is perfect for. It stays up for 24 hours and then disappears, whereas the images and content we post to our “wall”, stay up for all to see when they visit our social media pages and give us a more polished appearance. First impressions aren’t always face-to-face anymore.

Perception is everything. What people perceive about us, if often accepted as the truth in their minds. These may seem like small, nit picky things to think about, but remember, we don’t want to give our potential customers ANY reason not to contact us for their event. Our website and social media can communicate so much more than the the words on the page to our potential customers. Making small adjustments in the right areas can help correct and improve perception of us and our business.

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Justin Reid has always had a huge love of music. At nineteen years old, the passion for music was met with the opportunity to get into the mobile DJ business. Fourteen years later, Justin has performed countless events at private events and nightclubs in and around Greenville, SC. As the owner of Uptown Entertainment, he specializes in creating fun and unique events, with a concentration in weddings. With a B.A. in Graphic Design and his experience in the world of private entertainment, Justin has an affinity for branding and marketing for small business, especially event and wedding-related businesses.

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