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June 11, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Clearwater, Florida, 6/8/10. Digital 1 DJ (http://www.pcdj.com) announced the release of updates for two of their most popular DJ software titles, PCDJ DEX and PCDJ RED Mobile, and a new and improved version of PCDJ KARAOKI; a Karaoke show hosting application that works with their DJ programs or on its own. PCDJ’s world renowned suite of professional performance products have been used by thousands of Beginner DJ’s, Mobile DJ’s, and Club jocks globally since 1999.

“We pride ourselves on keeping our ear to the ground,” says Ryan Sherr, Digital 1 DJ’s General Manager. “We take all feedback in stride, and many of the new features, enhancements, and performance upgrades are a direct reflection of user input. For example, we just introduced a beat grid and snap-to-beat BPM matching in RED Mobile and DEX in the new updates, which was one of the most requested features on our message forum wish list. We have also written native support for many of the new DJ controllers on the market, giving our users more tools to pick from. We use our community for direction in many cases, because after all, they’re the performers using the product in the field on a daily basis – they know exactly what they want and need out of their software. So generally if it works for them and makes sense conceptually, it makes sense for PCDJ”

A few of the new features included in the PCDJ RED Mobile and PCDJ DEX update are as follows: New and much improved Master Tempo algorithm, the snap-to-beat bpm matching (to perform with a mouse, right click on the Sync button when playing two tracks), MP4 Lossless file support, support for Promo Only (www.promoonly.com) DFF files, new faster library and search, DJ controller support upgrades, and much more.

PCDJ’s updated list of natively supported DJ Controllers:

Allen & Heath Xone:2D

American Audio DP2

Behringer BCD-2000 and Behringer BCD-3000

Denon DN-HC4500,Denon DN-S1200 and Denon DN-HS5500

DJ-Tech i-Mix, i-Mix Reload and Kontrol One

EKS XP10 and EKS XP5

EKS Otus

Hercules DJ Console Mk2 and MP3

Hercules DJ Console Mk4

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2

Numark Total Control



Reloop Digital Jockey 2

Stanton SCS.3d DaScratch

Vestax VCI-100 and Vestax VCM-100

PCDJ KARAOKI now boasts the following new additions: Faster and more robust library and search (20X faster), karaoke video playback support, karaoke auto-play, more naming conventions supported, upgraded sound engine, player session history, and much more.

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