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May 30, 2008 by Mobile Beat

Clearwater, FL, United States, 05/30/2007 – Digital 1 DJ today announced the first public release of PCDJ REFLEX, their new high-performance PC mixing software for professional DJs and producers.
PCDJ Reflex boasts more than 100 new features not found in the Company’s popular PCDJ FX VRM dual audio-file player. It is Digital 1 DJ’s aim with the REFLEX entry to offer a more complete, and advanced, DJ software solution for club & mobile jocks then what is currently available on the market today.”We compiled a ‘wish list’ from many thousands of PCDJ pro users and incorporated the most-asked-for features into a ‘dream package’ for digital DJs,” says Digital 1 DJs Product Manager, Andrew Van Almen. “Every tool a pro DJ needs to produce studio-quality mixes and remixes on-the-fly has been incorporated into REFLEX.” In addition to giving DJs the ability to sweeten tracks by adding VST plug-ins, they now have three independent players with interactive waveform display. This makes cueing and looping easier, faster, and friendlier. With their new Beat Grid and Quantization technology the DJ is fully assisted with bar detection and beat location marking, so it knows where the beats are. This can be used for seamless auto-beat mixing, or can be turned off for normal real-time user control. One of PCDJ Reflex’s most anticipated features is its versatile control options. DJ’s can now choose between time-coded vinyl/CD control, PCDJ’s DAC-2 or DAC-3 controllers, the Denon DJ DN-HC4500/HS5500/HD2500/S1200 controllers, or any combination for any type of gig in any environment.

“DJs familiar with PCDJ will find major enhancements to the player’s Record Case,” said Van Almen. “It will easily and gracefully handle hundreds of thousands of tracks with a search as you type find function”. The primarily data-driven record case let’s you creatively define groups by setting rules based off any existing track tag information. Digital 1 DJ has also added back the popular case player for fast listening to songs. In addition, REFLEX exceeds all of the important features of previous PCDJ products; including automatic BPM extraction, unlimited cue-point-per-song capability, and Automatic Beat Matching – in addition to greatly improved time stretching and pitch shifting.

Digital 1 DJ worked exclusively with developer Jorgen Hedberg, the original creator of the PCDJ software products, on the REFLEX release. “Jorgen is widely recognized as the godfather of Digital DJ software. He brings a level of quality and professionalism to his work that is unmatched in the marketplace” says Van Almen.

Supported operating systems are Windows XP/Vista

PCDJ RELFEX currently ships with two user options, REFLEX LE (light edition – stand alone) and REFLEX TC (time-code – ships with two pieces of time-coded Reflex vinyl and two time-coded Reflex CD’s) REFLEX LE’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $299 and REFLEX TC’s is $329.

About Digital 1 DJ
Digital 1 DJ develops and markets the PCDJ brand of professional audio products, which since 1999 has been recognized as the world’s leading provider of DJ performance software. More than 80,000 professional DJs around the world now spin music with their computer using one of the Company’s digital audio file mixers.

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