PC or Mac for DJing?

October 12, 2017 by Jason Rubio

In today’s DJ business, using a laptop computer is almost essential. Gone are the days of having to carry around heavy crates of records (thank God). Now, laptops store all your music and whatever DJ software you choose to use. Sure, there are now ways to put all your music on a flash and plug your flash into your player and go “laptop free.” However, you most likely still have your laptop full of music, along with backup drives, cloud storage, etc. So the ever-lasting question remains, “which type of laptop should I use for DJing? A PC or Mac?” The answer isn’t easy, but basically, it depends on your preferences.

It’s timeless argument. DJs argue “my Mac is better,” or “my PC is better, faster,” etc. One thing is for sure, when it comes to Mac versus PC, Mac has managed to create an amazing brand campaign. If you didn’t already know, the new iPhone X is going to sell at around $1,000 (at the end of October). That’s the most expensive cell phone that has ever existed. Is it worth it? How different will it be from other phones? The premise is the same for computers. My wife and I both use Macs for DJing, and most of our team uses Macs, as well. Although some of our team members do not and have not had any issues running DJ software with it.

So you may ask, “why do I choose to use Mac or a PC?” For me, it’s about reliability. I know that PCs are reliable, and Macs are also reliable. In my experience, however, I’ve had issues with a PC not being reliable during a gig. It happened twice. The PC was an Asus and it had great specs. After the 2nd issue, I got a Mac and never looked back. The reliability is the number one reason for me. That’s not to say that Macs will never have reliability issues. Like all computers, they won’t last forever. If you upgrade to a Solid State Drive and have a lot of RAM, your computer (Mac or PC) should run well and handle DJ software easily.

What I also love about Macs are the updates being optional and not forced. PCs have updates and have managed to always force me to update at the most inconvenient times! The last thing I need is for my PC to update, right before a gig starts (or during a gig). No thanks. I rarely update my Mac until after I see that Serato DJ is compatible with the new update.

Overall, the choice depends on your preferences and budget. A Mac with “okay” specs, can cost far more than a PC with better specs. (I’ll discuss branding and influence, later). Do your research and use the computer that suits you. No matter which you choose, always have a backup laptop and have all your music backed up, too!

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