Patience in Results

October 8, 2015 by Rick Brewer


I have a saying “I don’t measure the days, I measure the months”. Those of you who know and follow what I teach know I actually do both, but I use that saying for a purpose. Sometimes we can get discouraged by the results of a day as opposed to ending up ahead of our numbers/quotas/goals on a monthly basis. Fact is Marketing is rarely if ever instant. While we hope for quick results, patience is necessary. Here are some ideas that will help your results materialize and be noticeable.

We many times want quick results for the obvious financial gain, but also for validation. Validation in the substance of our business as well as validation in our decision to advertise (typically a choice that comes with the pain of risk- you risk paying for something that doesn’t guarantee a return). Further, I have seen where there is not much action happening in the business. It is as though they do one thing (advertising wise) then wait for some results. They then do another thing, then wait. What happens amongst the most successful wedding businesses is through a different approach.

When you have multiple campaigns that are measured carefully (and again- those that are successful use the techniques of measuring that are effective time and time again), you have a higher probability of success. First because the best results are gained through what I call a combination punch of several different sources (i.e. print, internet, bridal shows, etc..). Second and perhaps more importantly, your potential client is typically searching across those multiple mediums. When she starts to see you in multiple places, you gain instant legitimacy. This instant legitimacy is because what separates the real businesses from the hobbyists is marketing- the hobbyists are all over Craig’s List because it’s free, but how many of them have a premium listing on Wedding Wire? Those who pay separate themselves from the rest- simple as that.

Multiple campaigns and having your advertising on multiple mediums also catches more traffic and attention. Your client’s job is not to notice your marketing, no matter how great it is. Their job is to choose someone to take to the next level- that’s it. You help to make their job easier by having your marketing in more than one place. There are systems and strategies for choosing your marketing that I could spend hours speaking of, but simply know this; if you don’t measure what you pay for, none of those systems or strategies will work for you.

There is also a need to keep your advertising constant and consistent. When you start- stop….start-stop, you delay the results of what the advertising provides. Imagine your car is like your advertising. You are out west on an open road, driving along. You floor the gas pedal for 10 seconds, then take your foot completely off the gas- what happens? You coast to a halt. If you do this repeatedly, you have the same result of doing that with your advertising. Now imagine setting the cruise control, you are free to enjoy the view ( or maybe listen to the latest Rick Brewer audio program…see what I just did there…). By keeping your foot on the gas, you take full advantage of the momentum you have created and don’t have to “restart’ each time.

Before you shoot from the hip on your advertising, map it out. Figure out what you want to have happen in the end result so you can measure more properly what you began in the first place. Patience is a virtue and in business it is a necessary virtue. Learn it, live it and you will love it!

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