Passively run audio signals over a single Cat 5 or better cable…

August 1, 2017 by Mobile Beat

The ETS InstaSnake (PA200 Series) is a compact, lightweight, passive versatile group of audio components

PA202F & PA202M

InstaSnakes with Cat 5 cable
used in applications requiring the transmission of audio signals. InstaSnakes allow you to run signals over a single run of Cat 5 or better data cables. With a roll of cable, these compact units are easily transported and/or stored. No heisting of heavy coaxial cable. This allows you to record sound just about anywhere.

InstaSnakes are passive units, therefore, power is not needed. In addition, InstaSnakes accept ‘mic’ level or line level analog or digital audio that supports phantom power when using shielded Cat 5 or 6 cables. Used in pairs for send/receive, these units are bi-directional which can be input directly into analog or digital consoles.

Designed to the highest professional standards, the InstaSnake has a wide, flat frequency response, low THD and residual noise. The InstaSnakes have been factory tested to 1900 feet over Cat 5 using balanced line low impedance microphones and phantom power tested to 850 feet over shielded cable.

The InstaSnake (PA200 Series) has a variety of units – one for any need including wall plates. For more product information or uses, check the ETS website ( InstaSnake data sheet

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