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July 18, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Since McDonald’s introduced the drive-through, society has become more impatient and more dependent upon engagement. In other words, we 171-digigames-puthuffneed to be entertained—to be engaged—24/7. Allow me to introduce myself I am Jeff Puthuff. I am the creator, President and CEO of FOTOBOMB.

At FOTOBOMB, we have taken this engagement factor very seriously, Our target for every event is twofold. First, we want to make each and every guest at your events ENGAGED with YOU. By “engaged” we mean they are active and participating in the evening. Second, we want to make sure your business is branded and promoted seamlessly at every event, with every guest. We believe your best chance to impress and encourage referrals is through their experience at the event itself. This is your greatest marketing opportunity: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! With class, of course.

We have developed a set of tools that allow you to focus on doing what you do best…and that is entertain. We want to put your brand in the pockets of every single guest at every single event.

So now that our mission is out of the way…In this column, we are going to be offering you many different solutions and how you can implement your digital engagement into your event without appearing to be self-promoting and still keeping the eventing about the special guests of honor.

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