Owners! Take The EGO out of your Playlist

June 15, 2017 by Randy Lehrman

For most DJs who run multi-ops, especially in Bar-Mitzvah land, you are selling a MC, DJ, and Dancers to your client.  Even with weddings, when you sell, you are selling the person who shows up as the DJ or MC as much as the actual company experience.

As an owner of a company with 30 staff I can tell you how important it is to let go of your ego about who your client selects, even if it’s not you.  I typically, as an MC, work roughly 95% of my Saturdays throughout the year.  My other MCs and DJs roughly 75%.  I, of course, want every client to book me, but I had an interesting experience to share regarding flexibility and keeping your ego in check as the owner.

After doing Bar-Mitzvahs for 25 years you can imagine I have had my fair share of everything including badly behaved kids at parties.  When you get a little long in the tooth you can sometimes tend to be the babysitter, security guard, and disciplinarian.  Instinct drives this every Saturday for me.  Making sure kids X & Y don’t ruin the party for your client.  I had done a party in April in which the client was thrilled, wrote me a fantastic Yelp and thank you letter and everyone was happy.  A mother from that party had called to say she loved the event and wanted to book us because of the success of that event.  She was booking her party late in the game.

It’s next week, the 25th and she only called me 2 weeks ago.  She hadn’t sent in her deposit but had wanted a giant package, lots of bells n whistles…definitely a money maker.  Because it was a Sunday I was going to do it personally and just bring my A crew.  Last week when I hadn’t received my deposit I started to get worried; so close to the event and disappearing?  Uh oh.  I hate when easy money goes bye bye.  Who doesn’t love the money from a last minute gig that drops in your lap?  So I check in and she says “I’m so sorry I don’t think I can use you anymore.  I loved you, my son loved you…but you had asked the 2 troublemakers of the party to knock off their behavior and those happen to be the two best friends of the bar-mitzvah boy.  I really want you but I’ll have to go elsewhere.”

I could certainly could get defensive and say those kids were a-holes.  “I had to do my job!”  I could claim a million things knowing that I would lose the gig if I didn’t tread water.  Instead I just explained that I remembered that party and that yes, some of the kids were horrible and I apologized if my tone came off wrong but my job is to protect my client that day.  She TOTALLY respected me and appreciated I was honest.

I then said, “It’s not just me…I have 6 other MCs.”  She seemed surprised and only thought it was me.  Great news!   She was relieved.  Her son was relieved.  I sent her video of my other guy and she was sold.  While I of course have to pay him hundreds of dollars that I would be paying myself if all went perfectly, I let it lie.  The client has to see your flexible.  They have to see, if you’re the owner you can take a hike for the good of the event.

So, sure I’ll go to the event and set up with my team and leave before it starts, and show up at the end to strike and get a report and make sure my client is happy.  Sure, I had to pay an MC extra dough to keep the gig and the client happy.  Sure, I’m somewhat “staying home” when I could be working…but I let my ego go to the side.  The client told me she expected me to be defensive…instead I wasn’t.

Give the client what they want.  They never want your ego!  they want your flexibility and expertise.  Happy client – DONE!

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