Over the Top!

August 21, 2017 by Arnoldo Offermann

You want big money? Seriously. Do you want to make big money as a DJ? You need big gear! So buy buy buy!

Ok, I gotta be honest with you; that sounded like the worst sales pitch ever, but it’s also the worst advice ever.. Kinda. Buying gear nonstop is a bad idea, especially without a business plan. However, gear really can be a big key to making more money.
Sure, everyone’s case is different, so I’ll tell you my story and hopefully you can apply these principles to your business.
When 4SchoolsOnly first started, we barely had any gear compared to now. Three 10′ sticks of truss, some ADJ Pocket Scans, the ADJ Color Pod 250s and we had a badass show. We added two 5×7 video screens and we had a whole new market. Sure, there were other companies in Florida hitting schools with similar gear, but we hit our county first. We also grabbed lighting we used for weddings to keep growing, especially uplights.
But for schools, we had to step it up. Fast forwarding through a long story, we were on track to becoming the biggest school dance company. We had more DJs, and our setups got bigger and bigger. That’s all great for school dances, but many of you don’t pursue that market. As we got gear aimed for school dances, we realized its not making money during the months when there aren’t any school functions.

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Arnoldo Offermann Arnoldo Offermann (41 Posts)

Arnoldo Offermann is the president of 4SchoolsOnly, a national phenomenon in school dances. In a market where DJs cry about $500 school DJs, 4SO sees 10-20x that price tag per event. Arnoldo is also the creator of Master School Dances, the leading educational tools for DJs wanting to get into this great market. He is a sought-after speaker, reviewer, and DJ tech-writer. You can learn more at http://MasterSchoolDances.com

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