Optimism Definition: 3 OPT IN Choices You Get to Make Today

October 9, 2014 by Kent Julian

Here’s an optimism definition from Dictionary.com: A disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.

Optimism Definition – The Power of Positive Thinking

Think Positive Calendar Displays Optimism And Good Attitude

Let’s break this optimism definition down into 3 choices you can make every day to become more positive and hopeful about your life and work.

Optimism Definition: 3 OPT IN Choices You Get to Make Every Day

OPT IN to Your Reality. The first step towards optimism is to embrace reality. Your reality includes both good and bad circumstances. And guess what…the same it true for everyone. Optimistic people have not been blessed with better realities than others. In fact, some of the most miserable people you’ll meet have been blessed beyond belief while many of the optimistic people you’ll meet have faced more than their fair share of challenges. Yet these optimistic people choose to view challenging circumstances through positive lenses and consistently grow in learned optimism.

OPT IN to Your Responses. Optimistic people don’t just embrace reality, they shape it. They realize none of us are in control of the vast majority of events that occur in our lives. However, they also realize there is one thing we completely control and that is our response to events. Therefore, optimistic people take ownership of their responses to events and positively shape their outcomes. Bottom line, there is no better working definition of optimism than E+R=O.

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