OOVJ – break a beat, not your back.

October 21, 2009 by Mobile Beat

You have heard about it, soon you will be able to get your hands on it. Eagerly anticipated by some of the most respected UK and international DJ/VJs alike; OOVJ – the ultimate hardware for music professionals is about to  go mainstream.

Launching in early winter 2009, it is the one stop unit for any professional VJ, encompassing all of your equip- ment and more, OOVJ has been designed for you to break a beat, not your back.

Jonpaul Wright, Managing Director, Computer DJ Ltd said:
“Playing a gig for any music professional worth their salt is pure euphoria, carting all of your equipment to the stand isn’t! We wanted a product that not only incorporated razor sharp technology but aesthetically and functionally took the sting out of carrying and using all of those separate pieces of kit.  “As the successor to the infamous OODJ, which has been a favourite for over five years with the world DJ elite including Paul Oakenfold; the OOVJ offers all of this and a lot more – showcasing audio, karaoke and video through a rugged but sleek anodised aluminium chassis that cradles professional grade audio and video components, the storage of a colossal modern high speed drive, a generous 17″ high resolution touch screen, liquid proof keyboard, built in mouse controller, Wi-Fi and slot loading DVDRW drive.”

Jonpaul added:  “We’ve already had a phenomenal amount of support for the new OOVJ from industry professionals such John ‘’OO” Fleming and Greg Wilson. To be recognised by individuals of this caliber is a great feat for us and a true recognition of the quality of OOVJ.”

Internationally acclaimed talent Greg Wilson (available at www.electrofunkroots.co.uk) said:
“This looks as slick as they come, I’m really looking forward to upgrading to OOVJ which promises to open a
whole new world of possibilities not just for me, but any digital DJ/VJ.  “As well as the aesthetics which are laced with sex appeal this is an ideal unit for someone such as myself who is always on the move. I can’t wait!”

OOVJ – instant performance, infinite possibilities.
For further information please click www.oovj.co.uk or call 01482 319700.

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