Only 1% will get this (which is huge for you….)

September 29, 2015 by Rick Brewer



In producing bridal shows and working with wedding professionals, only 1% have been proven to use the lead list in a manner that the wedding couples respond too (approximately only 5% use the list at all- leaving 95% of those who get these wedding show lists ignoring this great marketing resource). I found it amazing (and still do) that this very valuable resource is being ignored. I have found that most times, this valuable list is ignored simply because there are few if any instructions on how to properly use the list. Let me first share why I think these lists are so valuable.

Unlike most forms of marketing (such as a business to business approach where the lead will advertise itself and be an obvious target), Brides do not hang a sign around their necks to boldly proclaim, “I’m getting married- market to me” (except for those brides who have the “I’m the Bride” buttons…). Most marketing advice is based on knowing your target market so you can go after them. Lead generation takes up truly half of most marketing efforts, which is why I am so struck that these lists are ignored. Which leads me back to the idea that the “how to” of using the lists is the reason why the lists are ignored.

Your job in your business is simple:

  • Get leads
  • convert those leads to appointments

Those who use the list properly will not miss a show. Case and point: Royal Prestige cookware. Royal prestige participates in multiple shows across the US for a reason- they get to meet with brides Those brides who they do not meet with, they call, which results in a huge amount of appointments, which results in a huge amount of sales. Fact is, the Brides are looking for more of the standard wedding staples (which most of you sell) more than they are looking for cookware.

Learning how to use the list is huge for you. Because so few actually use the list and out of those who do use the list, most do not use it right, allows you to step in and stand out with your business after the show. When you work the show well to begin with, then are further able to capture more leads by using the list right, you can then book more weddings who come to meet face to face with you (by the way- step three is handling the appointment well and selling value as opposed to working on just price).

Your ROI from a Wedding Show should be great (if not huge) and by following the prescribed actions, you will find the best results. In working with 2100 wedding professionals, I have steered them in the right direction which have given them the best results from meeting face to face with Brides and converting them to the next step.

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