On-the-Spot Networking Skills

August 27, 2017 by Jason Weldon

I recently went to sales seminar that dealt with companies that were positioned in the A/V industry. While learning a ton of new techniques, I was also able to see that the same problems that affect the DJ industry pretty much affect the A/V industry. It was quite scary, in fact.

A lot of time was spent on networking so I thought I would share some of what was talked about, as well as some of my own thoughts.

It’s common knowledge (or it ought to be) that a networking event is not a place you go to ask for business. It is not a place you go to hang out with the people you know. It is not a place you go to stand by yourself in the corner praying to god that it will all be over soon.

It is a place that you go to set the groundwork for getting business. You are there, as well as everyone else, to meet people. And dang it, meet people! If you are not cut out for walking into a room and getting people to remember you, then find someone who is good and pay them to do it. But networking needs to be done and should be a part of your marketing plan. Get the right person in your company doing this!


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