Now all my Djs carry a backup DJ system in their pocket

July 12, 2011 by Mobile Beat

In 2010 Mobile Beat Magazine published a full review of djay by algoriddim for the Mac, then a software program for your iphone that controlled the Mac application, then in January djay for the iPad came out. Then earlier this year in March, they took it to the ultimate step and made it so you can have a fully mixable DJ mixer and source music all in one, on your iphone.

They have taken the fantastic Ipad application (as reviewed at and condensed it down so it works within the environment of an Iphone. While I have only had to use it once so far because of troubles with my primary mp3deck (a classic Denon DN HD-2500), it was supremely handy to have. I personally carry the Mobile Beat Top 200 chart ( in Mp3 form on my Iphone, so I had the tracks I needed, was able to mix them back and forth while I straightened out issues with my primary system.

Based on this we rolled this application out to all of our DJ staff that have Iphones (5) and have imported the Mp3 version of the Mobile Beat Top 200 into the iphones. This has already covered us at another event where Seth of our DJ service staff had to cover while his windows laptop rebooted just before an event was due to start.

99 cents is a steal to have full mixability on your itunes from your IPhone. DJs – get it now –

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