No one cares about your sound system

August 25, 2010 by Ric Hansen

The DJ may have just purchased the hottest sound system, have put together the coolest light show, have 10 million of the hottest new song titles and is ready for back to school, but it doesn’t matter. The only question on the principal’s mind is; how are you going to stop the little monsters from “Freak” dancing? Trust me, the biggest minds in secondary school education from sea to shining sea, have huddled for the past 2 months, scratching their heads to figure out how to get student cooperation in stopping the grind! I scan the internet daily to find information about school dance issues, and I am never disappointed. Somewhere in the country there is a meeting going on right now to brainstorm with faculty, administrators, parents and students about this year’s dance program.

The topic is always the same: nasty dancing in the school gym.

These meetings always get down to establishing the school standard, and figuring out how to enforce it. Dance contracts (getting student to agree to behave in advance), establishing enforcement (what happens if they misbehave), and finding a DJ who is sympathetic to their plight, and willing to cooperate with them in their efforts, is the hopeful outcome of these gathering.

No one has ever asked how they can get better sound in the building, or has anyone seen a great light show lately. It’s never happened. But the DJ’s flyer screams “big amp”, ” multi effect intelligent lighting”, and “state of the art DJ Laptop with Virtual DJ software”. No one cares. Scream what they want to hear, and they will listen.

–Ric Hansen

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