No Cost Lead Acquisition for School Dance Direct Mail Marketing By: Matt Ryan

September 5, 2010 by Matt Ryan

Direct mail marketing is one of the best tools mobile DJs can use to market their services to schools. In this age of electronic marketing, people’s postal mailboxes are often left empty. Marketers are attracted to the cost savings and immediate response electronic marketing offers, but are competing viciously for the attention of the reader among a glut of information in their electronic inbox. More often than not, unsolicited email isn’t even opened.

Unlike other event planners, like brides and parents, school dance organizers are putting together their event as part of their job. This means they are planning during their workday, while juggling all their other responsibilities. Teachers will not be spending hours on end searching the Internet for the “perfect” DJ for their event. They are looking for someone who will do a great job, is easy to work with, and provides them the information they need to make their decision.

Direct mail is more expensive, but allows you to put a marketing piece in the hands of your client that can be easily saved and shared. Some mobile DJs send postcards – they are a bit cheaper to send than a first-class letter, but you are limited to two sides of a card and your message is clearly given away upon first glance. I prefer to spend a few more cents per piece and send a first class envelope, plainly addressed to the recipient, with only my name and address listed as the return address. This looks just like a letter from mom. This mailing WILL get opened and for a mere cost of printing and a first class postage stamp, you can include several pages of compelling information about your services!

The biggest challenge DJs have is getting your mailing into the right hands. What is the easiest way to obtain names, addresses, and contact information of schools in your area? Fortunately, every state department of education maintains a directory of every school in the entire state, for which you can download the school names, addresses, along with principals and teachers for your direct mail campaigns. This is an absolute gold mine of information for your direct mail campaigns – absolutely free!

Some states are better than others about making this information accessible from their website, but it is certainly worth the effort if it requires some searching. The data can be downloaded at no cost and used for mailing labels in your direct mail campaigns.

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