NLFX Pro Academies Announced For MBLV09

September 4, 2008 by Mobile Beat

NLFX Pro Academies at MBLV09

Audio for Entertainers (90 mins)
What do all those specs that mfgs regularly toss around REALLY mean, and what do they mean to YOU? How loud is a decibel? What is clipping? What happens when you daisy chain speakers? Where should you put your speakers for the best sound? What types of speakers should you use? How should you power them? The break down in the differences between Class A/B and Class H amplifiers will also be addressed. Speaker placement and selection will be covered with explanations of comb filtering, directivity, audio wavelengths, and the inverse square law. Answers to these questions, and probably a few you didn’t even know you had! The gained knowledge from this seminar will aid in selling your clients when they ask: “what makes your sound system better than your competition’s?” A MUST attend for all DJs.

Wireless and Wires Untangled! (60 mins)
With just a few short months before the FCCs new rules on wireless transmissions take effect, we are going to address these rules and what they mean to you. We’ll also discuss cables inside and out – literally. The different types of connectors, and connections, Balanced vs. Unbalanced, Hi-z vs. Lo-z, and what they really mean will also be covered. The properties of cable, including capacitance, resistance and other electrical characteristics that can critically impact your sound will also be discussed. Cables are all too often overlooked, but without them, critical pieces of gear cannot function unless properly and reliably connected. Want to save yourself money and headaches? This seminar will show you how!

Power Management (60 mins)
HUMMMMM BUZZZZZZ POP! Do any of these noises sound familiar to you? When they are coming from your sensitive electronic equipment, THEY SHOULDN’T! Every piece of gear that you have plugged in is being held hostage by the electricity that powers it! Electric companies have acknowledged that your equipment could be bombarded by surges as often as hundreds of times per hour. Find out how to deal with noise, surges, brownouts and other common problems. We will show you how to get optimal performance out of your equipment and preserve its longevity. Is a UPS for you? Plus, we’ll take the lid off (literally) the difference in power conditioners. What should YOU spend YOUR money on?

DMX – Getting more out of your lights! (60 mins)
Today’s shows demand more, and we can show you how to deliver! New LED fixtures offer virtually infinite color options, and intelligent lighting is capable of more than ever before! DMX makes it easier than ever to get MORE out of your light show and controllers are becoming more affordable every day! We’ll discuss the future of the DMX standard, options for controllers, and taking the pain out poorly written manuals and confusing consoles.

DMX After Dark (Weds Evening)
Hands on DMX console training with factory representatives. Seating is VERY limited. Controllers and lights will be provided for workstations. BONUS special discounts on controllers for attendees!

Handouts will be available for attendees of every session! Seating is limited!

More information on the conference can be found at

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