Ninja DJ of the week scores a tip from a school? What?

September 28, 2010 by Ric Hansen

School Dance DJs have learned not to expect a gratuity at a school dance. Just doesn’t happen. But wait. A call from Radio Parties DJ Justin Richard in Michigan, who reports a $100 tip at his Troy High school dance on Saturday. Get this. The administrator at the dance called an emergency meeting of his ASB leaders at the dance and they voted on the spot to allocate funds for a tip…bam…he wrote the check.

I asked Justin what the heck did he do to provoke such a spontaneous act of generosity? Answer: ” Nothing different than what I usually do….but there was a sort of magical connection with the Troy students”.   What is that magic?  You’ve probably felt it.  There is nothing like it.  It’s the  ultimate payoff for being in the school dance  business.

I’d love to hear your  DJ  “magical moment”, either here, or shoot me an E-mail at    Hearing the great DJ moments is an inspiration for everyone who makes DJing a part of their lives.

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