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June 19, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Prom season has just ended and although you probably made some good money doing a bunch of galaxy-burgerproms, don’t forget an area where more and more DJs are finding extra school gigs: the “after-prom.” Dozens of DJs go after every school to get their prom gigs on Friday or Saturday nights in April and May, but hardly any of them pursue a related and potentially lucrative event, the after-prom. These casual gatherings after the formal prom, usually running from after midnight until 4:00 or 5:00 AM provide the setting where things like karaoke, inflatables, game shows, carnival games, casino nights, photo booths and yes, even DJs spinning music, can be in demand.


One unique option, which many of you experienced at MBLV20’s welcoming night party, is Party Headphones / Silent Disco. This involves wireless headphones where there are two or three DJs playing on different channels on the system. The cool result is groups of people partying to different music together in the same room!

On the two-channel system (as used at MBLV20) you flip between the channels depending on what groove you want, and the audience members communicate with each other as to what they are listening to. On the three-channel system that we have used elsewhere, the headphones have colors that light up depending on which channel they are listening to.

For our three-channel event, we had two active DJ rigs, each broadcasting to a channel, and the third channel playing off my iPhone constant- ly playing a loop of a song, in this case, the Cupid Shuffle. The two active DJ rigs were doing different styles of music in our case, current tracks and older tracks. Every couple of songs the MC would get on the microphone and announce (to the headphones) what was happening on each channel of music. We did this by having multiple wireless microphone receivers all tuned to the same channel.

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