Summer Wrap and Summer RAP

August 26, 2007 by Steve Sharp

While I haven’t managed to churn out columns as regularly as I intended, I stand by my predictions. Back in May, I predicted hits for both Sean Kingston and Kat DeLuna. My anecdotal reports say these were the hits for the summer of 2007!

What’s now, and what’s next

The summer is being wrapped up by Disney’s “High School Musical 2”, and the accompanying soundtrack, and any and every kind of merchandising tie-in you can think of. If you don’t know about the HSM franchise, you’re either 1) Amish (no media in your home), 2) Living under a rock (ok, maybe this is the same as 1), or 3) Have no children, nor do you know people who have children. I haven’t managed to be home long enough to watch the entire movie, but I’ve heard the entire soundtrack. It’s not as good as the first one, but it’s good, and will serve its’ target audience nicely, and likely leave them hungry for even more.

I have lots of respect for how Def Jam is setting Rihanna up with a great shot at career longevity, with each single sounding great, with videos that look great, and each single being different, and relatively original. This being said, doesn’t “Shut Up And Drive” sound like it totally needs to be mashed up with “Blue Monday” by New Order? (If you make one, send it to me).

For my money Keyshia Cole is the next Mary J. Blige, a hip-hop soul diva who just wails! But in this wild and unpredictable marketplace, Keyshia’s first album was noticed, but mostly fizzled. She’s maintained a healthy public profile via appearances on other artists’ singles (most notably with Sean Paul, on “Give It Up To Me”), and finally has a bona fide hit on her hands with “Let It Go” featuring Eve. Her 2nd album drops on September 25th, and I expect it to fare much better than her first.

The biggest mouth in rap, Kanye West, drops his third proper album “Graduation” on September 11th. Will it live up to the hype? Is it even possible? Nothing wrong with ambition, and we’ll soon see!

Expect to see (and hear) Madonna return with Justin Timberlake (and Timbaland) soon, with a performance at MTV’s VMA awards in September. What was that I was saying about ambition?

As the “major label” paradigm continues to shift, many veteran artists are taking matters into their own hands, with their own labels and/or unique joint venture deals. Two of those will be coming out soon: The Eagles are touting their first full album in 28 years! At first, this claim seems incredible. But, can you count “Hell Freezes Over” (from 1994) as a new album when it contained two new songs, and the rest being new, live renditions from their vast catalog? True, you have to go back to “The Long Run” from 1979 for their last full-length album. Wow. The lead single is “How Long” (and no, it’s not a cover of the Ace song from the 70’s), which leans country in sound, and has lead vocals that trade off between Glen Frey and Don Henley. Also, expect the imminent release of new Garth Brooks material, exclusively at Walmart. Have these acts still “got it”? We’ll soon see!Steve Sharp is a DJ in Southern California who has been spinning since 1981. In addition to running his own successful single-op business, Signature Entertainment, he also creates a weekly radio remix show for Bo’s Saturday Night Party on B95.1 FM. Steve is one of the few people who can not only play the hits, but gets involved in the story behind them and can often tell you who produced, directed and published the song and how their actions affect the music industry.

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