New from Mobile-Beat: Must-Have Book for Mastering School Dances

January 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

Mobile Beat has released a great new resource for entertainers interested in the youth event market: R U Rockin’ With the Best?! by Arnoldo Offermann, a dedicated to helping DJs master school dances.Based on the wildly successful Master School Dances video series, this 120+ page book gives readers an insider’s look into what it takes to truly become the market leader for school dances…and how to stay there.

If you’ve seen the video series, you know there are tons of anecdotes and tangents full of extra tips, stories to learn from, and just overall craziness that is part of the school dance business. This book chronicles 4SchoolsOnlys 2012 homecoming season, demonstrating what keeps 4S on top of the game, and helping you become and maintain your own position as a market leader. This is not a replacement of the video series, but rather a standalone educational tool.
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About the author: Arnoldo Offermann has been a driving force in taking a bleak and depressed Florida market saturated with $395 school DJs and turning it on its head, setting a standard for what a school dance should be,

with dances from $2,000 to $15,000+.

After many requests to share his secrets, he created the Master School Dances video series, which has helped DJs across the globe become leaders in their local youth event markets. Offermann has been profiled in MobileBeat’s ProDJ Files,and is now a current print columnist and online DJU professor at He has also been a featured speaker on the MBLV Tour and a seminar presenter at Mobile Beat Vegas 2012.For MBLV17, coming up in February 2013, he is being sponsored by American DJ to present the seminar “Getting the Most Excitement Out ofYour Lights.” He has also been a featured speaker at many other DJ events and other conferences. More information can be found at

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