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January 26, 2008 by Mobile Beat

American Audio has come up with a solution to the chronic, annoying and often performance-crippling problem of crossed wireless signals. The company’s new WM-16, WM-64 and WM-700 Wireless Microphone Systems feature selectable frequencies in multiples (16, 64 and 700, respectively) that make it possible to find a clear channel that’s free of interference in any environment.

The highly sensitive, low-noise and affordable WM Series systems can satisfy all of your wireless needs. They come as complete packages that include a uni-directional electret condenser unit wireless mic, a receiver and 12-volt DC power supply. The systems are available in both handheld or lavalier (with bodypack) versions, making a total of 6 models in the series. All WM systems have a wide wireless range of up to 150 feet – making them an ideal choice for DJs, bands, singers, emcees, presenters and entertainers of all kinds.

The WM-64 and WM-700 systems boast perhaps the coolest wireless feature of all: an Auto Scan Receiver, which automatically searches for channels not in use. This ensures that the signal will always be strong, even in big reception halls where there are lots of gigs going on in different rooms at the same time in the same building. With 64 and 700 frequencies to choose from, you’re bound to find one that no one else is using, thus assuring a clear, clean transmission every time.

You can also change frequencies manually on all 3 systems. The WM-700 handheld has a little LCD screen on the mic that shows what frequency you’re on and allows you to adjust the setting using small up and down buttons. The lavalier version offers the same feature, only the screen is located on the belt pack. The frequencies of the WM-64 are smartly set up in 8 blocks of 8 channels, which makes it easy to use multiple mics with one receiver.

“Many times, a mobile entertainer will be working a wedding or corporate party at a large hotel with lots of events happening simultaneously – and someone will be using a wireless mic in virtually every room,” said Tom Freret, National Sales Manager for American Audio. “All of those signals can create some pretty bad static. Now, thanks to our new WM series, entertainers won’t have to worry about this problem. With so many frequencies right at their fingertips, they can always feel confident about having extreme clarity in their transmissions, no matter how many other mics are being used in the vicinity.”

The WM-64 and WM-700 receivers are designed in a half-rack format, so you can rack-mount 2 of them together in a side-by-side configuration. Both systems have a 9-volt output on the front of the mic and belt pack and come with a special cable that allows you to recharge the batteries when not in use. On the lavalier versions of the WM-64 and WM-700 systems, the mic can be unplugged from the belt pack so you can use the line output for other practical purposes, like to plug in a guitar or bass.

The WM-16 features switching diversity with A/B indicators to show if the unit’s powerful dual antenna has received the RF signal, and AF indicators confirm that the audio signal has been received. Outputs include XLR balanced and a 1/4″ mono jack. Frequency channels range from 790-806MHz. The system has a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 94 dB. “On” and “Low Battery” indicators are also included, as is an on/off switch on the mic. Both the handheld and lavalier versions of the WM-16 weigh less than 1 lb., and the receiver measures 6.7″ x 4.17″ x 1.26″.

The WM-64 and WM-700 offer not only have more frequencies to transmit on, they have the added power of Auto-Scan technology in their receivers. Their RF and AF level indicators display signal strength as well as confirmation of reception. They operate within frequency ranges of 790-806MHz (WM-64) and 471.000-481.650MHz (WM-700). Outputs include XLR balanced and a 1/4″ mono jack. The systems have a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 94 dB. Both the handheld and lavalier versions weigh only about 1.5 lbs. The WM-64’s receiver is 8.31″ x 7.09″ x 1.73″, while the WM-700’s measures 8.11″ x 6″ x 1.75″.

“Our new Wireless Microphone Systems give entertainers everything they could ask for right in one package,” Freret said. “And the prices on the whole series come in a lot lower than comparable models on the market today. These affordable all-in-one systems not only solve problems on the gig, they’ll help you stick to your business budget, too.”

American Audio’s handheld (HH) and lavalier (LAV) Wireless Microphone Systems carry the following manufacturer’s list prices:
• WM-16HH: $179.95
• WM-16LAV: $179.95
• WM-64HH: $239.95
• WM-64LAV: $239.95
• WM-700HH: $279.95
• WM-700LAV: $279.95

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