My Secret to Measuring Facebook Fan Page Success

January 29, 2016 by Tony Schwartz
My Secret To Measuring Facebook Fan Page Success | Tony Schwartz

My Secret To Measuring Facebook Fan Page Success by Tony Schwartz

In regards to Facebook Pages, a fellow DJ writes:

“I keep getting all these new views on my Facebook business page, but nobody calls me. Because of that, I’m not convinced. Convince me.”

Now, I will make an attempt to convince you, or worst case, give you a strategy to try. In fact, over the next month, I’ll be challenging all DJs & wedding professionals to seven-day challenges on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. But first, let me be very honest: this kind of attitude really pisses me off.

Just because your business exists on Facebook, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to phone calls and other inquiries. What value are you offering in your marketing message? An effective Facebook Fan Page requires an actual strategy with the content you share. Content needs to be engaging, but it also needs to get the visitor to want to engage with you.

Appearance matters, as well. Are your photos sharp or are they grainy and/or compressed? Facebook is pretty specific with their optimal image guidelines, it’s best to create graphic templates for each image file and play by Facebook’s rules. It’s why I am mostly against cross-platform posting; what looks best in one platform doesn’t necessary look the best in the other. I’ll take the two extra minutes to optimize my content for each platform.

If you are using a logo for your profile photo, does it fit within the dimensions of the box or is it partly cut off? Details like this matter, especially in an industry where details matter. Look at your page’s appearance from an objective standpoint. Ask a friend, a former client, and a trusted colleague to critique your page’s appearance (and other marketing materials and outlets you may have!). Based off their feedback, make the necessary changes.

Do you have a call-to-action on your page, and if so, what is it? Facebook allows you to choose from a variety of options – even a “Call Now” call-to-action button that will allow customers on their smart phone to be able to call you directly from your Fan Page. I checked, and your page wasn’t even using this option. Your CTA was sending them to your website.

Personally, I think driving inquiries to your website creates unnecessary friction and it’s why I recommend the “Send Message” option. Why? Because it’s easy for the customer. If they’re interested in your service, why make them go to your website just to contact you? It’s an unnecessary step in the process. If the client secures your services, and you want to set the boundary of email only for digital correspondence, then by all means do so. But from a sales perspective, I wouldn’t reject an easy way for customers to get in touch with you.

And yes, receiving PMs will be all the convincing you need that your Facebook Fan Page is working.

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