My Experience: RocknRoller Upgrades Make Life Easier

August 16, 2017 by Jordan Nelson

Last month I wrote an article entitled “The Gear I Wish I Would Have Bought Earlier,” and at the very top of that list was a product I owe much of my sanity to; the RocknRoller DJ cart. After struggling with carts and dollies from every store and shop imaginable, taking my first RocknRoller out to a gig was a life-changing experience. After seeing the amazing response to that article, I reached out to RocknRoller to see if they had any other great products I could try out, and boy did they deliver. While the cart by itself saves many a DJ a multitude of headaches, some of the great upgrades available from RocknRoller take its’ utility to the next level. After receiving these products and using them at multiple events, I can wholeheartedly recommend them to any DJ who is looking to make their RocknRoller even more versatile.

RocknRoller Solid Deck

If I had to share one complaint about my RocknRoller, it was that the collapsible metal tubes that served as a base let gear fall through that wasn’t wider than the cart. The solid deck upgrade solves this issue miraculously. A simple, perfectly sized and carpeted piece of wood quickly attaches to the extended cart and provides a sturdy platform to stack your gear on.

Extension Rack

One of the hardest parts about moving gear is finding a way to balance oddly shaped bags (like those for speaker and lighting stands) on the top of your speakers and cable boxes. The extension rack quickly attaches to the end of your RocknRoller and gives you more space (20% they say) to vertically set your speaker and lighting tripods (or any gear for that matter) on the outside of the cart handles. This extension allowed me to move my entire setup for a wedding this past weekend in one trip! Talk about handy.

Carpeted Shelf

While the carpeted shelf is a great option to add a second base for stacking even more gear to your cart, I found another use for this handy upgrade. For many weddings, especially during the summer, I find myself providing ceremony sound and microphones in locations separate from the reception area. Where before I was hauling a second table or stand to set my microphone receivers and mixer on, with the carpeted shelf I simply put a black tablecloth over my cart and have a mobile ceremony table that looks great and barely takes up any space in my vehicle.

Do you love your RocknRoller? Do you have any other accessories you’ve found useful? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Be sure to show RocknRoller and their amazing products some love!

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