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October 20, 2009 by Michael Buonaccorso

Need a break from the seminars at MBLVX but still in a learning frame of mind?

MB columnist,radio personality and veteran speaker Mike Ficher guides you through an in-depth multi-media review of two of the most exhilarating years in the careers of these phenomenal performers. Presentation times will be in the show schedule.

Elvis 1956: The Year That Changed Pop Music

Few performers in the long and storied history of pop music entertainment enjoyed a year quite like the King of Rock’n’Roll did in 1956.  In the span of less than ten months, Elvis Presley transitioned from a mama’s boy to America’s idol, from the Boppin’ Hillbilly to the scourge of the older generation and the adulation of the younger set.

Hear clips from many of his hits from 1956–including alternate versions of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’–and the oldest known live recording from the King.  Trace all the concert stops, recording dates, key television appearances, and learn about his budding movie career in this insightful and entertaining account of Elvis’ 1956.

A Year in the Life: The Beatles 1964

Steeled on long nights in the cavernous, nocturnal clubs of Germany in the early 1960’s, the Beatles were far from an overnight sensation when they stormed America in 1964.  But, no act in recording history enjoyed a year quite like the Fab Four did in 1964. See the Beatles transition from a novelty import to the high-pitched, decibel-busting screaming adulation of America’s teens. Trace their meteoric rise in the States through their songs, concerts, album releases, ground-breaking television appearances and more in this in-depth, engaging look at John, Paul, George and Ringo in 1964.

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