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August 23, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

At some point a prospective client has asked you this question: “What makes you different from the other guys?” It’s all about personality, right? Do clients really book you based on blinky lights and big speakers? To really define who is different and unique in our industry there have to be benchmarks; those entertainers who set standards and keep raising the bar. Curtis Whipple knows all about that.

I first met Curtis at a convention about five years ago. He was quiet, but moved with swagger and had a big smile. Curtis has one of those magnetic personalities and styles that make you want to hang out with him. He just exudes old school cool. His approach to events and entertaining is just as interesting. He is a DJ with a mission: Saving souls one gig at a time.

Mike C: What was your first experience as an entertainer?

Curtis W: Back in 1979 my dad owned a store in Winslow, Arizona that he took over from my grandfather, who sold sewing machines to the local Navajo people.


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